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An all-new HD DVR so advanced, your every TV wish is granted. Genie, only from DIRECTV, powers your entire home. So now you can enjoy a full HD DVR experience on every TV in your home, without seeing a box in every room. Genie also avoids recording conflicts by letting you record any five shows at the same time, all in HD. Genie even recommends shows you might like based on what you already watch. And with up to three times more HD recording capacity than cable, you won't have to delete your favorite shows to make room for new ones. With an HD DVR this advanced, your every TV wish is granted.


Now every TV in your home can share one HD DVR.

Only DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR service lets you do all this:

Watch recorded shows in any room.

You have one HD DVR and it's in your living room. But you want to be able to watch your recorded shows in your bedroom. Whole-Home DVR service lets you do just that. In fact up to 10 TVs can share that one HD DVR.

Start watching in one room and finish where you left off in another room


You're enjoying a recorded movie in the living room, but you want to finish watching it in the comfort of your bed. No problem. Just stop the movie, and when you're all set to start it again in your bedroom, just go to your DVR playlist, select the movie, and resume.

Record any show from any room.


You can also schedule recordings from any room. Say you’re doing some work in your den and you just remembered to record the big game. Just set the HD DVR in the living room right from your connected TV in the den.

Delete your recorded shows from any room.


Finished watching that movie in your bedroom? Go ahead and delete it right there. No need to go to the HD DVR in your living room.

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